4 Reasons People Drop Out Of Flight Training

17 September 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Attending flight school is definitely a way to take a huge step towards a career. However, many people find themselves in flight school only to drop out. There are ways to avoid this, though, so if you know some of the reasons people drop out, you can take steps to recognize when this might be where you are headed and what you can do to stop it and gain back control. Here are four of the main reasons people drop out:

  1. Finances: If you know that you cannot afford to go to flight school, it's best to wait until you are able to fully finance it. Otherwise, you are going to flight school only to drop out because of money, which is going to prolong the process if you ever decide to continue later on. This is why it's important to save up and apply for all of the scholarships that you can. This will help you out significantly. 
  2. Medical Problems: In order to get your pilot's license, you need to pass a thorough medical exam, however, there are exemptions that many people don't know about. For example, if you have a medical complication, such as an amputated leg, you can still get your pilot's license despite the fact that you wouldn't be able to pass the typical medical exam. You will want to meet with an Aviation Medical Examiner to go over what you can do to continue with flight school despite certain medical problems. 
  3. Failure of the Checkride: Once you fail the checkride, you can feel pretty unmotivated to go back and continue. However, you can attempt to pass this again in the near future. During this waiting period, you want to continue staying motivated by working on everything that didn't allow you to pass by working more closely with your instructor and taking more time to read your books and get further instruction. 
  4. No Goals: There are many things you can do as far as a career goes once you receive your pilot's license, which can definitely overwhelm some people. Since there's no clear path, many people drop out because they are overwhelmed. This is why it's important to clearly know about all of your options so that you can have a clearer idea about your basic goal of getting your pilot's license. 

When you know some of the reasons people drop out, you can be sure that you recognize signs of this in yourself so that you can avoid becoming unmotivated and dropping out yourself. Contact local aviation schools for more information and assistance.