Want To Select The Right Kindergarten For Your Child? Ask These Important Questions

10 November 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

It may be time for you to enroll your child in kindergarten. Now that your baby is officially getting ready to start school, you'll want to make sure you're choosing the right school. Although kindergarten is available for many young children across the country, not all kindergarten classrooms are the same. There are some questions you could ask before completing the enrollment to ensure that you're selecting the right school for your child.

Is Integrated Learning Encouraged?

It's helpful to know more about the learning experience your child will have while attending kindergarten classes. Integrated learning is ideal because it means children will have time to learn a number of different things, including but not limited to sharing with others, socializing in an appropriate manner, recognizing shapes and patterns, improving listening skills, rhyming, and even using the imagination to create different things.

If you want your child to be well-rounded, choosing an integrated learning environment may be best. Instead of strictly focusing on only a handful of subjects, children get to spend time exploring, having fun, and learning simultaneously.

Is the Environment Personal and Nurturing?

As a parent, you want your child's needs met. However, it may be difficult for your child to get the attention needed if there are lots of students and a limited number of teachers available. Find out more about the environment. You may be hoping to find a kindergarten program for your child where the staff members are caring and nurturing as they work in smaller classrooms with fewer children in the room. You'll want to make sure the teachers are willing to provide as much support as possible while comforting the children and giving them a chance to try different things.

Are the Classrooms Diverse?

You may love the idea of sending your child to a diverse classroom where he or she will get to learn about other children who may come from different cultures and backgrounds. It's a great learning experience for a child who may not know much about diversity at the moment.

If you're going to enroll your child in kindergarten, it's important to pick the right school. Not all schools are the same, which means classroom size and curriculum will vary from one place to the next. Before you begin filling out any paperwork for the enrollment process, you'll need to find out more about the kindergarten program. You should ask about integrated learning and the environment in the classroom to help you decide if a particular school is right for your child.