Going Back To Work But Need Childcare? A Few Options To Consider

8 May 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

If you have decided to go back to work after having children and taking some time off, it can be difficult to decide who is going to provide childcare for your family. It is hard to leave them in someone else's care so you will need to take time and consider all the options before making your decision. 

Family or Friends

If you have a friend or family member who is able to provide childcare for you, it might be the best option. It will probably be the least expensive at any rate. You will also not have to worry about the person who is with your children all day as you already know them and their character. However, if you are hoping to have the children do a bit of learning while you are not with them, this option may not be what you are hoping for.

In-Home Day Care

Many women offer daycare in their home. They are limited to the number of children they may care for, so your children will receive more personal attention than if they were at a large, commercial center. In addition, many of these homes will have educational activities planned for the children. However, you should be certain that the home you choose has been inspected by the county health and fire department. You should also make sure that the owner and every other adult in the house has gone through a background check.

Day Care Center

Large daycare centers are like a small school in many ways. There are activities and learning opportunities for all the children. The days are planned, and the children are often on some kind of schedule. May centers require that the workers have completed some higher education, with many requiring a certificate or degree in early childhood education. However, this means that the children will not get as much personal attention.

You know what your budget will be for childcare. You also know your children and what type of care would be best for them. You may find that you want one type of care for any infants, a different arrangement for toddlers, and then something more structured for any school-aged children. Take the time and do the research needed to ensure that your children will be safe wherever they go. Never be afraid to change childcare arrangements if you or your children are not completely comfortable with the current one. Everyone needs to be safe and happy.